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The engineers at Victory Archery have changed the game on crossbow bolt technology with the VAP Voodoo. This revolutionary design offers unmatched speed, accuracy, and killing power due to its combination of ultra small diameter shaft and Victory's exclusive Rail Ryder technology. With only 2 contact points on the rail of the crossbow, the Voodoo comes off of the bow faster and more accurately than traditional crossbow bolts resulting in better accuracy, speed, and penetration. Victory's patented Ice arrow coating ensures deeper penetration and easy arrow removal from your target. Add in the VAP insert system and you have simply the deepest penetrating crossbow bolt available. The VAP Voodoo comes fletched with AAE Max Hunter vanes and Penetrator Broadhead Adapters installed. The 20" and 22" bolts come with stainless steel Broadhead Adapters and the 24" comes with anodized aluminum Broadhead Adapters.