REMINGTON 870 20 GA 2 3/4" OR 3"

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- Ideal starter gun
- Adjustable length of pull
- 3-inch chamber
- 18-3/4-inch matte barrel with mod Rem. choke

Designed specifically with young shooters in-mind, the Remington Model 870 Express Compact Jr. is an ideal starter gun. The Model 870 action is the reliability standard for pump shotguns. Featuring a shorter 12-inch length of pull and an adjustable length of pull system, the gun can be tailored to shooters between sizes and grow with youngsters by as much as 1-inch. Reduced size results in the perfect length, weight and balance for smaller-stature shooters. Comes with a black synthetic stock and matte black barrel.

Gauge Chamber Length Barrel Length Overall Length Magazine Capcity Weight
20 3" 18-3/4" 37-1/4" 4+1 5-3/4 lb.